Jüdischer Pfad Forchheim

Pay by instalments – Haimann Frank’s shoe shop

Station 6 • Hauptstraße 13

There were several Jewish families with the name Frank in Forchheim. They all came from the nearby village of Weilersbach and were related to each other. After the relaxation on the rights of settlement, Haimann Frank took up residence in Forchheim in 1861. Ten years later he bought the property at Hauptstraße 23. This building with its impressive stone facade had previously been the residence of the town commandant. The merchant Haimann Frank regularly visited the trade fair in Leipzig and offered in his premises “footwear from the simplest to the finest”.

Frank’s daughter Betty and her husband James Isidor Pariser continued the footwear business. Since they offered payment in instalments, they were particularly popular with working class customers. After the death of his wife, James Pariser sold the footwear business and left Forchheim. He died in 1942 in the Theresienstadt ghetto.

Hauptstraße 13 in 2023
Hauptstraße 13 in 2023