Jüdischer Pfad Forchheim

Rosa Tiesler – persecuted, transported and murdered

Station 21 • Protestant Church St. Johannis, Zweibrückenstraße 40

Rosa Tiesler, née Becker was born in West Prussia. At the age of 26 in 1903 she underwent an adult baptism in the Lutheran Church of St. John in Forchheim. She ran a grocer’s shop together with her husband Paul Tiesler at the Paradeplatz which later moved to Hauptstraße. Hence, she was known personally to many townspeople of Forchheim. Her husband died in 1924.

During the National Socialist regime Rosa Tiesler was subjected to harassment and humiliations. For example, she was interrogated at the police station under the pretence that she had not worn the prescribed Star of David when on the street. Rosa Tiesler was deported in spring 1942. The widow suspected what was in store for her and asked to receive communion from the Protestant priest. Crying bitterly she took her leave, clearly moved, knowing that she would lose her life. On 24th April 1942 she was “packed off” to Bamberg and from there, on the next day deported to East Poland. In 1998 the congregation of St. Johannis erected a plaque in memory of Rosa Tiesler in the church porch. A stumbling stone has also been placed in remembrance at her last dwelling place.

St. Johannis Church in 2023
St. Johannis Church in 2023