Jüdischer Pfad Forchheim

From Forchheim to the world at large—Isidor Lederers Agency for emigrants

Station 17 • Wiesentstraße 16

In the middle of the 19th century many people saw no alternative to emigration to North America. This was also the case for many young Jews. The economic adversity and the hope of a freer, better life drove them to this step. The preliminaries involved many formalities: juveniles needed parental permission, confirmation of good character, a booking for the sea voyage and proof of financial liquidity.

The Jewish dealer in leather and paper, Isidor Lederer recognized a market opportunity and opened an emigration bureau at his home address Wiesentstraße 16. He repeatedly offered his services in the local publications the Intelligenz-Blatt and later the Amtsblatt.

Babette Rosenbaum born in Forchheim in 1840 left in 1855 after the early deaths of her parents. Her aunt Babette Traub was willing to take the girl in. It was an enticing offer, her aunt who had emigrated to New York was the owner of a cigar factory. Isidor Lederer who was Babette’s guardian made the preparations for her emigration. Like Babette Rosenbaum many young Jewish emigrants found success in America. The most famous example is Levi Strauss (1829 - 1902) from Buttenheim (11 km north of Forchheim).

Wiesentstraße 16 in 2023
Wiesentstraße 16 in 2023