Jüdischer Pfad Forchheim

The “Jewish quarter“ in Forchheim

Station 10 • Wiesentstraße 1

After their expulsion in 1499 Jewish settlement in Forchheim was permitted again only after 1648 when the Thirty Years' War ended. It was hoped that after the devastation of the war an influx of well-to-do Jewish families would lead to a rejuvenation of the economy in town and on the land.

The Jewish families who settled in Forchheim after 1648 lived in the area that is now the Wiesentstraße. The section between Badsteg (Bathing Landing) and Hundsbrücke (Dog’s bridge) was known as Jews’ lane. Jewish families occupied the houses 1, 3, 5, 15, 16, 17 and 19 as well as Lohmühlgässchen.

In the 18th century the house on the plot Wiesentstraße 15 was occupied by the prosperous Wolf Rothschild who allowed his fellow believers the use of his private synagogue. The synagogue destroyed in 1938 later occupied the same site.

Wiesentstraße 1 in 2023
Wiesentstraße 1 in 2023